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A Pass Ahead Driving School - NDORS
National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)

NDORS, operated by all UK police forces, offers a diversion from prosecution into driver education for motorists who have committed a low level offence. The police decide whether or not to divert the offender to a driver education course by applying the public interest test. NDORS has correlations to other types of disposal options open to the law enforcement bodies, such as Restorative Justice. NDORS allows the offender to choose from a course venue anywhere that offers the national course no matter where the offence took place.


There is no draw on the public purse and the money generated by the authorities through NDORS is diverted back into road safety, with the costs for administration and delivery of the course being met by the ‘offender’. On completion of the course, the original offence lapses and there no further action is taken in relation to prosecution. Attendance on the course is recorded on the national database, which excludes attendance at a similar course for three years. If the offender refuses the offer of a driver education course, the case reverts to a standard criminal justice process.


Now over a million motorists have attended the course and it is being replicated internationally.