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A Pass Ahead Driving School Fleet Training Driver Assessment
Why should we take fleet driver training seriously?

It is estimated that a third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time. Extensive research has also shown that approximately 20 people are killed each week as a direct result of such accidents.

So why should we be concerned?

Many employers believe that as long as they ensure that they comply with the legality of running a vehicle (or vehicles), and the vehicle(s) is/are in their opinion roadworthy, then that's where their liability ends. However, the Health & Safety regulations require employers to be responsible for the safety, as far as is reasonably possible, of all their employees while at work. This INCLUDES those employees who drive as part of their work duties. It may be impractical for you to monitor individual employees driving habits, and knowing whether they are 'high risk'.

A Fleet Safety Audit carried out in July 2007 found that:

Only 47% of companies have a written, signed & dated Safety, Health & Environmental Management (SHEM) policy, which includes clear objectives and a commitment to improving driver safety performance.
Just 44% of companies optimise work schedules and travel requirements to minimise road risks and to encourage compliance with speed limits and working time regulations and road safety laws.
Only 54% of companies give all new employees a formal induction that covered policy, equipment familiarisation, collision & fuel reporting, emergency procedures, vehicle checking/maintenance, and the importance of safety for brand reputation
Only 58% of companies have a system in place to maintain driver records, including medical/health information, reference & licence checks, training records & qualifications as well as collision history & fuel effeciency.
Such risks should be assessed and reduced within an established Safety, Health & Environmental Management (SHEM) policy.

How can we check what people are doing when they are off-site?

As mentioned above, risks relating to employees who are off-site can be assessed under the umbrella of the Safety, Health & Environmental Management arrangements for your particular company. You should immediately check what these arrangements are, and find out if they allow for people who are out driving as part of their work-related duties. If they do not, then your Safety, Health & Envirnmental arrangements are incomplete and you are not complying with the regulations.

What regulations?

The Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require you to carry out an assessment of the risks to the health & safety of your employees while they are at work, and to other people who might be affected by their work activities. The regulations require you to periodically review your risk assessment so that it remains appropriate. You are required to consult with your employees, and wherever necessary, their health & safety representatives on all matters relating to their duties. This includes those off-site employees who are driving as part of their duties.

What would be involved in undertaking a driving assessment?

An employee assessment would follow as below:

A short presentation on the need for Occupational Road Safety Awareness, with validation & interaction

Discussion with the employee as to their work-related driving, i.e. hours of driving delivery schedules, loading, security, mobile phones, fatigue etc.

A visible vehicle check, based on the 'POWER' principle + vehicle familiarisation

Cockpit Drill and pre-start checks

An observed drive of 35 to 40 minutes, identifying, analysing & rectifying any risks as they occur

A final risk profile for each individual employee, signed & dated by all parties present, and passed onto the line manager, then the person responsible for risk assessments, usually the Health & Safety manager.

What are the benefits to be derived from undertaking such assessments?

There are many benefits to be derived from implementing and following through a risk assessment programme:

It allows you to exercise better control over costs, such as wear and tear, and fuel (by following tried and tested method of vehicle sympathy & eco-safe driving techniques)

Better value insurance & legal costs, i.e. employees and third parties

Research has indicated that by effectively managing work-related road safety, there are many benefits, including:

Fewer work-related crashes

Fewer days lost due to injury

Reduced risk of work-related ill health

Reduced stress and improved employee morale

Less need for investigation and paperwork

Less lost time due to work re-scheduling

Reduced running costs through better driving standards

Less chance of key employees being banned from driving e.g. as a result of them obtaining too many penalty points
How much will it cost?
1 hour employee assessment £40
Full day of employee assessments (7 hours) £252
Full week of employee assessments (35 hours) £1260
Risk assessment consultation £65

Telephone 07849 202358 or e-mail



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