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A Pass Ahead Driving School

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A Pass Ahead Driving School - Learner driving lessons
We aim to provide you with the driving skills you need, in the shortest time possible, ensuring we keep your costs to a minimum.
We provide lessons for 60/90/120 minutes sessions. The longer the session, the more productive the session is for you, as you have more time to concentrate on the practical driving skills, as time is taken briefing/debriefing at the beginning, and driving too and from your pick up location. Students who have longer lesson times progress faster, but require less lesson time in total.
The DSA recommends an average of 42 hours professional tuition, with an additional 22 hours private practice to pass. This is only a recommendation, and many pupils will need less than this to pass, whilst some may need more. After an initial assessment of your driving, we will be able to give you a more accurate recommendation of the amount of lessons required and the lesson length, to best suit your individual needs.
Legal aspects
Before you can drive on public roads you must be 17 years of age, with a UK provisional licence. You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. If you would like your 1st lesson to be on your birthday please book early to avoid disappointment.
Motorway Lessons
Motorways are the only road type you will have no experience of whilst learning to drive. It is a completely different driving experience, where different rules apply, and situations can develop very quickly, due to the higher speed.
Whether you are a newly qualified driver or a more experianced and/or nervous driver, then motorway lessons are for you, enabling you to develop and improve your motorway driving skills.
All aspects of motorway driving are covered including;
  • Planning journeys in advance
  • Joining and leaving the motorway using slip roads
  • Safe speeds in different circumstances
  • Observation skills
  • Signs/signals and road markings
  • Overtaking/lane discipline including courtesy to other users
  • Motorway fatigue
  • Any other relevant topics


A single 2 hour or 3 hour lesson is enough to give you the confidence and knowledge you need, and time to travel the length of motorway, so you can encounter all/most of the above.


Telephone or text 07849 202358 e-mail





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