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A Pass Ahead Driving School
Car Insurance
The process of securing a car insurance policy for a newly qualified driver can be somewhat of a daunting and financially prohibitive nightmare.

You will on average spend anywhere up to and maybe even over £1000 in the process of learning to drive. You then have to stump up the cash to purchase your first car and after finding your “ideal drive” it feels like you will have to take out a mortgage just to get it insured.

You can expect to pay out anything up to £2000 for your first year’s premium, some of you may face higher premiums depending on your circumstances.

Of course, having a car insurance policy on your vehicle is not something you can avoid, unless you fancy a nice fine and a police record to match.

To find a good deal, you should always try to be internet smart and shop around as many companies as you can. This will help you find an even spread of competitive quotes.

Use a comparison site and get the cheapest quote you can with coverage at a level your happy with, making sure to look for hidden extras such as: young drivers excess, windscreen excess, hire car, legal expenses, etc. Many of these can either be removed or negotiated on (for example offering a higher voluntary excess).

Many factors can affect the price you will pay such as; the car you have purchased, your age, your location, annual mileage, where the car is to be kept overnight and many more.

One way you can save money for a small outlay is to take a Pass Plus course when you have passed your driving test. This is seen by some insurance companies as a sign that you will be less risk to them and as a result the policy price is decreased. You should also consider this course on its own merits. The extra experience it will give you may prove invaluable on a personal safety level, as you will be more prepared for certain hazards and driving conditions.

The main thing to consider when thinking about your first car is, “how much of a risk will this make me to the insurance company?” All insurance is a matter of risk assessment, so the bigger the engine and faster the car the more of a risk you are to them.

Buying a sporty looking car will make you a higher risk regardless of whether you opt for the 1.1 or a 1.3 litre (although obviously this also makes a big difference) each car has an insurance group rating which can be found easily on the internet, the lower the group the cheaper the insurance.

There are three basic types of insurance to consider:

Third Party Only
This means that, in the event of an accident where the policyholder is at fault, only damage to other vehicles involved is covered - In other words, if you hit someone, your insurance will pay to fix their car, but not yours. In addition, should your car be stolen or catch fire, the cost of repair or replacement is not covered.

Third Party, Fire & Theft
As above, damage to your own vehicle is not covered, but you are covered for fire and theft losses.

Fully Comprehensive
This cover, not only covers damage to other cars, but adds damage to your own vehicle to the cover. In other words, if you hit someone, damage to their car and yours is covered. Many comprehensive policies also cover the policyholder to drive other vehicles with third party cover, but you should check the policy wording carefully to make sure.

Many young people start by being insured on their parent's policy. Whilst this can work out cheaper than having your own policy, you do not normally earn your own no-claims bonus and you have to make sure that you tell the insurance company the truth about who will actually be the main driver as non-disclosure can lead to the insurance company not paying out in the event of an accident.

So, when you are looking for your first car and insurance remember the following:
Do buy a car with a small engine and a lower insurance group, don’t buy a car that will label you as a “boy/girl racer” and definitely consider a Pass Plus course.
Above all, drive safely and look after yourself.

For a quote try below link


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